Alina Alexandrovna

Impacts forming the artist

Alina grew up behind the Iron Curtain, in a world where freedom and innovation were often distrusted. Maybe because of that fact, her internal life blossomed even more. As a young aspiring artist she understood that nobody could claim her inner secrets and nobody could steal her blood of creativity. Her secrets was kept for the free-minded people who unconditionally could value and share her world. During these early years art-making matured to be a natural part of her life.

Studies within Fine Art and Fashion

Alinas first step of formal education was completed by a university degree in fine art from the pedagogical University of Krivoj Rog in Ukraine. At the age of 21, after moving to Norway, she studied and teached at the Art & Design College in Oslo, followed by studies at the international recognized ESMOD Fashion School. The influence from fashion design has been a vital injection into Alinas development as a visual artist.

Alongside the educational path Alina has been very productive and has sold several art-pieces to investors in both Ukraine and Norway.

Studies within Digital Art Techniques

Alinas world of art has been enriched by new expressions derived from the impact of the digital revolution. The digital tool has revolutionized the work of the artist in the same way that it has revolutionized the work of the Architect, the Engineer and the Economist. Alina early understood that the digital brush presented an exciting tool of making innovative expressions based on already established art forms and classical skills within art-making.

In 2004 Alina moved to Spain to consentrate on the further development of her techniques and artistical expressions. During her year-long stay she completed an advanced internet based study within digital techniques. Back in Norway she performed her first production within digital mixed media and participated (with a separate stand exhibition) at the Oslo Art Fair, displaying her compositions printed on canvass. This work was added surface structure from acrylic painting.

Alina at her solo-stand - Oslo Art Fair 2008

Opening of Promotional Gallery

Fuelled by her entrepreneurial spirit Alina opened her own sales-gallery in Oslo during the fall of 2008. The purpose has been efficient promotion of Alinas artwork towards the locally based art-buyers. The gallery is scheduled to be closed during the fall of 2010, as she will enter into representation and consignment agreements with independent art galleries. In addition her focus will be on participation in external exhibitions, art fairs, and sales through web-based channels.

Alina at her Promotional Gallery

Development of «Funky Surrealism»

Alina has recently developed a new line of art, defined as «funky surrealism». This is a further development of her first digital compositions, which has evolved from mainly figurative into more abstracted expressions. It is freaky and provocative with a touch of sensuality and sexiness – but without falling outside «the edge».

This new line of innovative work has been received with open arms by her existing clients, and has resulted in new excited clients both in Scandinavia and in the UK.

Funky Girls

Innovative Printing Materials

The new line of artwork has included the benefits from new printing materials as aluminium plates. Alina has entered into a close cooperation with the leading print house in Norway (FotoPhono), which has specialized within fine art production. This cooperation has ensured a continued innovation in Alina's artmaking process and the highest possible quality in the performance of her work included the advanced UV protection of the painted surface.

Certificate of Excellence

On the 24'th of March 2010 Alina was annonced to be one of the winners of the 25'th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, receiving a Certificate of Excellence.

The competition was jured by Ms. Megan Fontanella at the Salomon. R. Guggeheim Museum in New York.